The Common Table

The Common Table is a publishing platform dedicated to food futures and systemic change. 

This platform is founded and run by studio_lovell. As a mother-daughter duo, we debate across generations. As a design & architecture writer and a food designer, we connect across disciplines. 

Our aim is to bring viewpoints and insights from around the world to the table, to enable greater constructive dialogue and exchange about new ways of understanding, approaching and potentially improving the food-related systems that surround and include us. 

We are all about context and big-picture thinking. We ask ourselves and our contributors: What is the context of this story? What does it reveal to us about how our food and other systems work? How can we strive for better fairer food futures through transparency, agency and care?

Welcome to our common table.

The Common Table started out as a kitchen-table production made with love and journalistic know-how but great critical content needs nourishing. Become a regular TCT patron and help us nurture and support our writers and illustrators in the search for better and fairer food futures for everyone.
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