Marije Vogelzang: Sharing Lunch Tokyo; 40 strangers connected by the tablecloth and by sharing food, 2017. Photo: Kenji Masunaga, courtesy Marije Vogelzang.

On Food and Education: Marije Vogelzang

The Dutch eating designer and educator Marije Vogelzang, former head of Food Non Food at the Design Academy Eindhoven, one of the world's first food design degree departments, talks about teaching the eating human being.
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The Fairr Sharers

The FAIRR Initiative's investor members manage over 70 trillion USD in assets. We asked Sajeev Mohankumar and Max Boucher, co-authors of their first "Regenerative Agriculture Report" how investors can be equipped to demand change.
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Waste Not

Understanding and addressing food waste is a collective process that goes beyond the kitchen. Writer and editor LinYee Yuan looks at some fine dining pioneers working to turn a distasteful subject into a revelatory and inspiring source to awaken both tastebuds and the imagination.
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Diet Degrowth

Sean Roy Parker is part of a movement seeking new connections between food, consumption and digestion. Here he proposes a new "diet degrowth" discourse.
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Photograph of people operating an African American soul food booth at the Texas Folklife Festival. There are three people behind a counter that has various warming trays filled with food. There is a woman in front waiting for her food to be served.

On Food and Education: Scott Alves Barton

Scott Alves Barton is a cultural anthropologist of African diasporic food ways. His goal is to provide tools for engagement to allow people to have agency in knowledge acquisition, decision-making and autonomy about their food.
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