No Cookery Books

Food connects through time, cultures, community and adversity. A conversation with cookery writer and scholar Claudia Roden about discovering identity and collective belonging through food.
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From Farm to Feld

Chef Jake Potashnick has cooked in kitchens all over the world. Now for his own restaurant "Feld" in Chicago, he wants to source produce the "right "way – even if it is the harder way.
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Leora Gesser – Stratiography 2, 2017; watercolour, conte, acrylic ink, pastel, and lichen on paper 28 x 40 inches

Eat Dirt

"...get your face in the dirt; cram your mouth and swallow with so much greed you choke yourself, a lump in your gullet like Saint-Exupéry’s snake..." A poem by Christine Knight
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