On Food and Education: Namukolo Covic

Agriculture and nutrition expert and facilitator of dialogue processes, Namukolo Covic on the path back to delivering a diverse and healthy plate in African countries.
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Photograph of people operating an African American soul food booth at the Texas Folklife Festival. There are three people behind a counter that has various warming trays filled with food. There is a woman in front waiting for her food to be served.

On Food and Education: Scott Alves Barton

Scott Alves Barton is a cultural anthropologist of African diasporic food ways. His goal is to provide tools for engagement to allow people to have agency in knowledge acquisition, decision-making and autonomy about their food.
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No Cookery Books

Food connects through time, cultures, community and adversity. A conversation with cookery writer and scholar Claudia Roden about discovering identity and collective belonging through food.
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